Portugal spring 2011

  1. Kürsa Kärt 10b
  2. Verbu Solveig 10b
  3. Kajak Tambet  10b
  4. Poll Kadi  10b
  5. Lazarevskaja Diana 10b
  6. Iljana Jekaterina 10b
  7. Basanova Irina  10b
  8. Kuld Merilin 10a
  9. Holdt Susanne 10a
  10. Zaranek Simo-Jarek 10a
  11. Elenev Mikk 10a
  12. Maasikmäe Hans Christjan  10a


Selles projektis osalevad Tartu Kivilinna Gümnaasiumi õpilased.

Germany 18 – 23 April 2010

Solveig Verbu


My name is Solveig and I am 17 years old girl.  I was born on the 8 of March. I have 1 sister and 1 brother. We don’t live in the city, but we have apartment there. We have a big house in the country. I have a lot of  hobbies: I do drawing, I like riding and swimming and spend my free time with my friends.  I also like to play pool at friday nights. I love travelling, I prefer to do it by car, because then I can see more than just the destination. In the future I want to do some kind of design work, I haven’t decided yet which one.  I want to see surely 3 things in  my lifetime: Chinese Wall, Egyptian Pyramids and The Grand Canyon. I take part in this project because I think that it is new and exciting experience for me.





Tambet Kajak

My name is Tambet Kajak. I am 16 years old. I have 2 sisters, but they don’t spend much time at home. I am very friendly and usually make new friends easy. I have a good sense of humor. I’m very loyal to every friend I have. Furthermore I help them always when I can. I have many hobbys. At the moment I do kickboxing. I have also attended football. I’m very active and take part in any activity suggested to me. I’m really interested in computers or computer related activity.







Anneli Soop

Achtung, achtung!

Hey! (: I`m Anneli and I´m 18 years old. I live with my mom, dad and older brother. My friends say that I`m very friendly, active, polite and funny. I spend all my free time reading books, going to cinema and baking cakes. But besides these activities, I actually have one passion. M&M candies! :D No, I`m just kidding! ;) I love sport, I go to archery and skiing trainings and sometimes also go to swimming and running etc. My favourite athletes are Petter Northug, Stephane Lambiel and Axel Teichmann. ;) I have had several competitions in foreign countries. For instance, I have been to USA, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. I`m really fond of travelling. (: While I´m training, copeting or relaxing, I love to listen to music – for example, 30 Seconds To Mars, One Republic, The Rasmus.
I hope we`ll have good time in Deutschland!
Can`t wait to come and meet you, guys! ;)

Zwischen heut’ und morgen
liegt eine lange Frist.
Lerne schnell besorgen,
Da du noch munter bist.

Liina Kõllamets

I am 18 years old and I go to Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium, in 11th grade. After 9th grade I made a decision to exchange a small village school for the biggest school in Estonia. So during the workdays I live in Tartu with my roommates, but in the weekends I love to spend time with my family in our house in Valgemetsa. My family is quite big: my mother, father, older sister (21) and two younger brothers (11;13).

I consider myself as a friendly girl who loves sunny weather, travelling and meeting all kind of interesting people.  As it’s said, life is what you make of it. Always has been, always will be. And I want to make my life as enjoyable as I can. So new experiences are always welcome.

I spend a lot of time reading books and I love watching films. I also love music, so I play a little guitar and I sing in a choir. I really love nature so due to this I spend quite a lot time outside taking pictures. Estonia with its particular nature is a wonderful place to take amazing pictures. Sport also plays an important role in my life, so when I’ve got time I go skiing, skating, dancing, swimming, play basketball or volleyball.



Diana Lazarevskaja

I think i am very emotional, modest and sensetive. I like to be alone. I love animals, mostly cats. My family: There are 6 person in my family. I have younger brother. I live with my grandparents. My parents are working in Finland. They come home once in month and on holidays. Hobbys: I like computer games, mostly mmorpg ( Asda story, s4 leaugue etc.), anime and manga. I am playing the bass guitar. Music that i like: mostly hardcore, deathcore and so on. My favourite bands are Alesana, We came as Romans, Bless the fall, Bring me the Horizon, Chuck Norris Survived an autopsy, Anette Marionette and Origami.






Karen Hunt 

Hey there !My name is Karen Hunt. I just turned 18 and I live in Estonia ,Tartu. Actually I live in two places,my parents live in a cottage in a village called Uhti( not far from the city)and i sometimes stay in an apartment in downtown , Tartu. I study in Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium`s environment class, 11th grade.I have a very friendly family.Besides my mom and dad ,I have an older brother Tanel. I`m a huge animal lover so I also have a cute cat Simba and a big dog Baron von Dog (Yeah, I know it`s a weird name :P ).

But besides studying I always manage to find time to have fun. I am very cheerful ,brave and always smiling :) , I like to hang out with my friends, try new things,travel and to do sports.

I`m quite adventurous as well so when I heard about the opportunity to go to Germany, I knew I couldn`t miss it, since I`ve been there twice before and I loved it. Meeting new people and learning something new along the way is pretty great.

Can`t wait to meet you all,

see you in April,


Birgit Mets

Hi,my name is Birgit Mets.I’m 17 years old and I study in  Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium eleventh environmental class.In free time I like to go jogging and weekends i love to cook any kind of cakes and cookies.I also love animals.I have a dog and two hamsters.I am active,helpful and very friendly,but sometimes i am a little impatient,because i want to do everything very quickly.I’m looking forward to meet you .See you soon!






Kadi Poll

I am 16 years old. I went to a music school for 10 years and played basketball for about 5 years. Right now I am taking singing lessons and I am going to a driving school.
I have mom, dad and a little 5-year-old brother.
My biggest wish is that one day I will make a parachute jump!
The reason I am taking part of that project is that I love travelling and meeting new people, i think that is a good way to see the world and have a good time with nice people:)





Kärt Kürsa

That is my self-presentation. I hope that you get at least a little conception of me.

My name is Kärt. I am 17 years old and I live in Tartu. I study in 10- th form. My family is quite small: my mother Ere, my father Kauri, my brother Karl.  I live in a flat, which is quite near to the school.

I am interested in sports. I like swimming, cycling, running and orienteering. I have been practising orienteering for 5 years now and I also attend in competitions. I like also cross-country skiing, which I have been practising during the winter.I can also play the piano and I attend in school’s choir. My other hobbies are reading and cooking. I speak English and also a bit German. In school I am quite ordinary student.

I know that I want to bond my future with medicine, specially I am interested in alternative medicine.



Mart Rinken

Name:Mart Rinken
Born:24-th April in 1992
Free time activities: I like play football, sometimes I go to the pubs, where I watch a good football. Sometimes I like play Poker,because this game is so intresting and help me unwind.






Maris Kund

My name is Maris Kund , I am 18 years old and from Estonia.
I go to Tartu Kivilinna gymnasium’ environmental glass.
I live with my mom and dad,  and with my 6 years old sister. Also i have a pet – dog, named Santa.
I love travelling and meeting new people, and there’s nothign better than just having a good time with   our friends or family.
My friends have  said that i’m cheerful, friendly and always helpful , and that i have a good sense of humor, so i hope they don’t lie  ;)
I hope that we all will have a great time in Germany !!





Merilin Kuld

My name is Merilin Kuld. I am 17 years old. I live in Tartu city with my sister and mother.


Tartu Kivilinna Gümnaasium osaleb Comeniusprojektis koos koolidega, Itaaliast, Saksamaalt ja Portugalist.

Projekti raames õpitakse tundma oma maa piima ja liha mahepõllumajanduslikku tootmist, toodangut ning võrreldakse partnerkoolide uuringutulemustega. Projekt hõlmab õppeekskursioone Eestis ning kohtumisi Saksamaal (2010. a. aprill), Eestis (2010. a. september), Portugalis (2011. a. kevadel). Meie õpilasi majutatakse Saksamaal ja Portugalis osalejate kodudes, meie õpilased majutavad külalisi septembris 2010. Need õpilased, kes osalevad mõlemas õpilasvahetuses, majutavad kahte külalist!