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Kivilinna Gümnaasium
Kivilinna Gymnasium
Kivilinna Gymnasium
  • In May 1997 the school was renamed as Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium
  • In 1986 the English language orientation was initiated In 1987 the first English oriented class finished school
  • In 1987 the first Almanac in English was published
  • In 1991 the tradition of Christmas show was started
  • In 1995 the tradition of Film conference was started
  • In 1995 the traditional summer project for English oriented classes was initiated
  • In 1998 a new Foreign Language Centre was established
  • In 1997 study trips to Great Britain were included to the curriculum
  • In 2004 a new modern Foreign Language House was built at 70 Kaunase Street
  • In 1998 the concerts-performances in foreign languages for parents were started
  • In 2005 poetry contest was started
  • In 2006 all-Estonian American Film Day was initiated

The School has:
  • 2 stadiums and a firing range
  • 2 gyms
  • A swimming pool
  • Foreign language centres in both buildings
  • 2 media classes
  • A foreign language library
  • A foreign language computer class

Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium was founded in 1985 under the name of Tartu Secondary School No 16. At first there were 580 students and 19 classes.